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Dr. Kitziger Testimonials

  • Dr. Kitziger did both my knee replacement surgeries. He and his staff spent time making sure I was knowledgeable and comfortable with the process. I think he’s exceptional, and highly recommend him.

    Source: Helathgrades

    By - Nancyin Canton, TX

  • Dr Kitziger explains everything that needs to be done to have a successful surgery.

    Source: Helathgrades

    By - TJ

  • LOVED Dr Kitziger! Most importantly, skills! My new knee is fabulous! Add a great personality and clear instructions - hands down, the best!!

    Source: Helathgrades

    By - Katherine S.

  • I've been a patient of Dr. Kitziger's since 2008 when I came to him for a second opinion for recommended surgery on a torn meniscus. He diagnosed me with bone on bone arthritis in both knees and said the meniscus was not what was causing the pain. Instead of confirming surgery, he recommended I try cortisone injection for the arthritis. It rectified the pain and he earned my absolute trust that he takes a conservative approach regarding orthopedic surgery. I had left knee total replacement surgery this year. Because of my faith in Dr. Kitziger and his thorough explanation of the procedure, I had no fear or anxiety about the surgery. I was amazed at the amount of support I received before and after surgery, with detailed written instructions and a followup to answer questions with his highly capable and competent physician's assistant, Urvi Patel. I was prepared for before, during and after. His coordinator, Kacie, and Kacie's back-up Daisy, were incredible with administration.

    Source: Helathgrades

    By - Barbara Melton Perkins

  • Dr. Kitziger performed knee replacement surgery on my right knee. A colleague and I had the same surgery at the same time but with different surgeons and care teams. Our experiences were night and day—Dr. Kitziger being the light here. I was perfectly prepared for the surgery, including PT prior, the surgery at Carroll Center went well, after-care was excellent. I am now one year out and I don’t ever think about my knee—it works quietly and well, without any aches, pains, hyper-extensions, etc. Thank you to Dr. Kitziger, Kacie, the excellent PA whose name I don’t remember. All is now well.

    Source: Helathgrades

    By - Susan Kin Fort Worth, TX

Dr. Peters Testimonials

  • Dr. Peters performed my bilateral knee replacement surgery one month ago, and I could not be more pleased with his explanations, surgical skills, the results, and the attention given to me by his team. My surgery was done at the North Texas Surgical Center, which also has an excellent medical team and PT. Dr. Peters took the time to answer my many questions before surgery. My friends and family are amazed by how quickly I was able to resume walking. I could not recommend him more strongly!

    Source: Helathgrades

    By - Kathryn Mortonin Dallas, TX

  • Dr. Peters is a superb Orthopedic Surgeon and human being. Waited 3-months to schedule knee replacement but was worth the wait. Dr. Peters and his staff are the best in providing patient healthcare and services. Highly recommend Dr. Peters if you need knee replacement.

    Source: Helathgrades

    By - Jack Willsin Allen, TX

  • I had Total hip replacement on 19th of April 2016. The care I received was absolutely the very best. Everyone was so nice and I was treated like a family member not just a patient. The whole staff here at the Carrol Clinic was superb. Dr Peters told me of my needs and went above and beyond in doing my replacement. I recommend Dr Peters to everyone. Thanks to all for getting me back on my feet to full recovery.

    Source: Helathgrades

    By - GPBin Abilene, TX

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