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Our On-Site Durable Medical Equipment Store

The Carrell Clinic™ understands your injury or condition may require the use of DURABLE MEDICAL EQUIPMENT (DME) to ensure a fast and effective recovery. This equipment you need may include:

  • Back Supports
  • Ankle Braces
  • Tennis Elbow Straps
  • Knee Braces
  • Cervical Collars
  • Foot Braces
  • Shoulder Slings

In order to ensure your visit is optimal, the Carrell Clinic™ has a durable medical store in the clinic. If your physician orders DURABLE MEDICAL EQUIPMENT during your visit, please feel free to stop by the DME store located in Tower 1, Suite 500.

It is extremely important for you to understand that when you purchase an item from the Carrell Clinic DME store, the item is NON-REFUNDABLE/ NON-EXCHANGEABLE after your purchase is complete.

To learn more about DURABLE MEDICAL EQUIPMENT or to schedule an appointment, call The Carrell Clinic™ today at (214) 220-2468.

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Faster Healing, Better Recovery Discover the Game Ready® Difference

Compared to traditional applications, Game Ready delivers greater therapeutic benefits. With Game Ready you have the power to relieve pain, reduce swelling, reduce narcotic medicine consumption, stimulate natural tissue healing and measurably improve recovery milestones.

Game Ready

device image
  • Temperature, pressure and time status indicators provide clear information, making it easier to monitor and manage treatments
  • Adjustable set-point temperature control provides a consistent temperature across the wrap and throughout treatment, improving patient comfort and safety
  • Pre-set programs reduce risk of injury by automating alternating treatment and “rest” times
  • Adjustable pneumatic compression provides better contact and deeper-penetrating cryotherapy benefits
  • Easy-to-apply, anatomically designed, circumferential wraps available for all body parts in a variety of sizes assure better surface contact and more effective hands-free cooling

Game Ready Cold Works Faster, Penetrates Deeper, And Lasts Longer

Head to head infrared thermal imagery shows that Game Ready provides faster, deeper, and longer-lasting cold than other cryotherapy products. For greater cold therapy benefits, go with Game Ready.

Ice/Gel Pack

gel pack image
  • No temperature, pressure or time status indicators
  • Ice/gel packs provide uncontrolled, inconsistent temperatures and begin to warm when applied on an injury or surgery site
  • No pre-set programs
  • Static compression only when used with an elastic bandage
  • Not anatomically designed, leaving gaps in coverage areas
temperature 50 degree
Coldest Temp: 50°
temperature 68 degree
Coldest Temp: 68°
temperature 54 degree
Coldest Temp: 54°

Side view shown. Skin temperature measurement immediately after 30 minutes of treatment. All devices applied per manufacturer’s instructions and all measurements taken from uniform distance. All devices applied on different days allowing full recovery for test subject.

For Additional Information Contact Michael at the Carrell Clinic — (214) 720-9389
Freestyle® OA Knee Brace
Knee Brace Freestyle (Osteoarthritis)

Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL

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